International Business Council, a global organization committed to advancing economies through high – level summits, and the Czech Chamber of Commerce, whose mission is to further the development of business in the Czech Republic, have announced that they will be partnering for the Leaders in HORECA CEE & CIS Summit which will take place on November 26th and 27th in Prague, Czech Republic. The partnership will provide patronage and promotion from the Czech Chamber which will in turn give attendees and sponsors access to a wide range of contacts and businesses in the region.

The Summit will bring together over 150 Food and Beverage Vice Presidents, Chefs and Purchasing Directors, Owners of Hotels, Restaurants, Bakeries, Cafes and Bars from 30 countries in the CEE & CIS region and will promote regional and global development and business opportunities. The parallel mission of both these organizations to promote growth, expansion and business opportunities in the country and region will prove to create a successful partnership for this summit.

A report released by Research and Markets states that the global restaurant business market value will reach $3,805.8bn by the end of 2019. Cafés and restaurants represent the leading market segment at over 50% of overall industry value. Countries like Czech Republic, Poland and Romania, who are the leaders in Central Europe in the Food and Beverage sector, understand the demand for food and beverage in the region is high and has seen growth in the restaurant and HORECA businesses. International Business Council sees the importance for a summit in this region to promote global industry efforts.

"We grant our endorsement and wish you all the success in the preparations. I would like to wish your participants an enjoyable conference. I believe that the brand CCC will contribute to an even stronger publicity and prestige of your event", said Czech Chamber of Commerce President Vladimir Dlouhy.

"We are happy to announce this partnership and to have the full support of the Czech Chamber of Commerce. It is extremely valuable to the Leaders in HORECA summit and to International Business Council as we are keen on promoting the Czech Republic and trade relations between different countries across sectors”, said Elena Jassim, CEO of International Business Council.

Led by prominent industry experts such as Simon Burdess, Vice President of Food and Beverage Europe, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Martin B. Jones, Vice President of Food and Beverage,Fairmont Raffles Hotels International and Head Chef, Dominik Stolzer, from Hotel Bristol Vienna, Leaders in HORECA Summit will discuss issues such as HORECA Sector Development & Opportunities in the Region, Attracting Investment in the HORECA Sector, Trade Promotion, Development and Social Responsibility in the Food Serving in Industry & Healthy Trends. This 2 day event will set up the business agenda for numerous business internationally for the upcoming year.


About International Business Council

International Business Council strives to promote international business opportunities, professional development and entrepreneurship by facilitating networking and open dialogue amongst global and regional leaders through a series of high – level events and professional development programs that drive innovation and set international business agendas.

About Czech Chamber of Commerce

Our Mission: Create opportunities for business, push through and support measures aiming at further development of business in the Czech Republic and at strengthening the economic stability of the country.

Our Tradition: The chamber system as a platform for a common voice of business community in the territory of what is now the Czech Republic has existed since 1850, independently since 1922 in Czechoslovakia. As one of the leading economic powers in the 20s and 30s Czechoslovakia developed an independent chamber network that played a prominent role in the economic life of the country. The Czechoslovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry existed until 1992.