The HORECA industry is one of constant change and needs to fit standards set by the government, current trends, and the constant desire to create an atmosphere and culinary experience that has yet to be discovered. Leaders in HORECA, organized by International Business Council, will host over 150 food and beverage VPs, Michelin and celebrity chefs, as well as owners of hotels, restaurants, cafes and bakeries. It will take place on November 26th and 27th at the Hotel International Prague, Czech Republic. This five star event will bring together the Leaders within the Food and Beverage community for two days of exciting panel discussions, insight from industry leaders and networking sessions.
"Networking is key to the success of any company, constantly learning and discussing what we do and how we do it keep us in the forefront. As a trendsetter rather than a follower, we at FRHI want to ensure that we listen and act, to our peers, our guests, our colleagues and what the ‘people’ want. I believe that attending such events allows us to keep ahead and continue to be the leaders in F&B.” Martin B Jones, Vice President of Food and Beverage, Fairmont Raffles Hotels and Resorts Europe
    One important topic being discussed over the course of the two day summit, New Innovative Concepts in Food Service Industry, is going to be an interesting and educational panel about what influences the top leaders in the industry and how they implement these new theories into their work. Osvaldas Plienaitis, a panellist at the Leaders in HORECA summit is a pioneer in this region and has created a sustainable hotel concept based on a farm to table dining experience and providing its guests with the opportunity to stay at a 5 star hotel outside of the city. Influencing these new dining concepts are effects from the millennial generation, expansion into CEE and CIS region to become an attractive tourist destination and sustainable concepts that are better for the environment.
"I was invited to join the Leaders in HoReCa and thought it’s a great opportunity to meat like-minded people and share my vision and bring something new back to my country. The food and beverage (industry is) becoming very local. By "local” I mean produced by local farmers or even by the restaurant itself. Food trends are going beyond the organic food and biodynamic farms are taking over. At Harmony Park we grow our own crops, vegetables, fruits, life stock. Our goal is to be restaurant, which is supplied by our self-sustainable, green biodynamic farm. Food is not only about eating, it (is) supposed to give you an emotion, a lasting memory that connects all senses and changes your understanding through experience.” Osvaldas Plienaitis, Director of Harmony Park
Among over 40 presenters participating are guest speakers Karla Slechtova, Mister of Regional Development for the Czech Republic, Christian de Barrin, President of HOTREC and Marta Novakova, President of the Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism. With panellists such as Matthias Koch, President of the Austrian Professional Hotel Association, Martin B. Jones, VP of Food and Beverage at Fairmont Raffles Hotels International and Jose Avillez, the Owner and Chef at the Belcanto Restaurant in Portugal the summit will present an interactive and passionate take on the industry.
The Leaders in HORECA summit has been endorsed by the World Association of Chefs Societies, HOTREC, Hotel and Restaurant Associations from Turkey, Lithuania, the Balkan states, Estonia, Slovakia, Austria, Latvia, and Hungary as well as many other international associations and partners.
About Leaders in HORECA: Leaders in HORECA Summit is the only event in region that brings together ONLY the most senior executives from across CEE & CIS region from the most exciting and promising HORECA establishments.

Notes to the editor:
Leaders in HORECA Summit is the only event in region that brings together ONLY the most senior executives from across CEE & CIS region from the most exciting and promising HORECA establishments. Hosted on invitation – only policy, the summit provide a unique education and commercial platform for the industry leaders to discuss industry trends, new business opportunities and source the solutions for their growing operations.
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