Feng Shui or High Fashion? Does a beautifully designed space hold some secret formula or is it to each his own? This is one many questions that has intrigued the big players in the design and architecture industry the likes of Andrew Linwood, the Head of Design at Areen Hospitality; Marc Cerone, the Director of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture LLP; Rashid Doleh, Co -Founder and Managing Partner of mSquared and Predeep K. Menon-CEO of MENA and SVP of RSP Architects. These will be a few of many C-level professionals voicing their opinions and unlocking industry secrets at the Leaders in Design summit which was organised by International Business Council.

The famous mathematician, Leonardo Fibonacci, expanded everyone’s mind when he revealed the Golden Ratio to the world. The mathematical formula can be found in many of nature’s designs throughout the universe; from sea shells, flower petals, hurricanes and spiral galaxies, they all share the same magic relative numbers in their design. Even the human face has been researched to contain this formula, tests have shown that people find faces more attractive the closer they fit to this mystical formulae.

So how can these numbers and ratios influence interior designers? Will future interior designers stick to some mathematical guidelines in the near future or will things be done in the same old way they always have, by getting a feeling from a room? Perhaps there could be….Math professors and students at UCLA University in the U.S. are busy working on algorithms that will help them design beautiful interiors for buildings in video games. Instead of them having to design each room manually, this software can help game designers to produce the games much faster. Perhaps one day in the near future these type of technologies could help interior designers plan and create their next piece of art by sticking to a formulae that takes all the guess work out for them, but until then the best way to learn about new styles and techniques is to learn from other designers who have already mastered the art.

Designers all over the world have been seeking to establish a platform whereby they could meet face to face with other top international designers and have the chance to engage with one another through one-to-one meetings and panel discussions that will help them to learn techniques, trends and also be inspired by the industry leaders who they might have not otherwise had the chance to meet. The summit "Leaders in Design MENA" was created out these requests and seeks to address the issues that most interior designers are facing today through carefully planned discussions and business opportunities, "Leaders in Design MENA” could be the Golden Ratio that designers are searching for.