The frenzy of activity surrounding the interior design and fit out industry has reached epidemic proportions in the GCC countries. Due to the ever expanding region and demand for new hotels, retail spaces, commercial real estate, schools and hospitals, the interior design industry is booming, to say the least. It is estimated that this year’s projects, reaching a total amount of a record breaking US$ 7.98 billion, will precede last year’s total of US$ 7.35 billion as the market continues to rapidly expand, as stated by "Ventures” as of January 19, 2015. This makes the Middle East the most exciting location in the world for Architects and Interior Designers to be involved in right now.


Owners and employers on the other hand are suffering with what is known as "decision overload.”

This is caused by being faced with too many options, such as the design style, cost, time and many other specifications they have to sift through in order to find the one they have been searching for. This is not bad news for Designers and Architects hoping to develop some clients in the region as there will always be someone looking for a different style and offer to what to has previously been showcased to them. There are plenty of opportunities out there in this sea of business but it takes some networking and recommendation to get designers the kind of deals they are looking for and not just swimming alone in the deep.


Luckily for designers, the summit Leaders in Design MENA organized by International Business Council, has taken out all the guess work required to meet decision makers and key industry influences through one to one networking sessions as well as providing a plethora of in-depth information regarding the industry trends and trends specific to the MENA region. The summit has been researched by asking top level architects and designers in the region about business opportunities, issues they were facing and future trends in order to allow new designers and investors the opportunity to break into the market and prosper from the abundant growth that the region has to offer.