Sustainabiltity has become the pressing issues over the last decade, reaching the top on the priority list of the senior management of the hospitality companies. It is indeed paramount that the hotel executives have real knowledge and understanding of how sustainable management systems can be implemented in order to protect the environment and communities but at the same time not only maintaining but improving the bottom line.

Leaders in Hospitality CEE & CIS Summmit which will take place on the 28 – 29 May, 2015 in Budapest, Hunagry will bring together thought leaders on the subject Sutainable Business who will share their extensive knowledge on the current scenarios of sustainable strategies developement and will provide point by point plan how business can not only save the planet but also improve its corporate image and most imporantly turn its investment in sustainability into profits.

"It is widely recognized that hotels, as important members of the global tourism value chain, have negative impacts on the environment. Many hoteliers feel that the adoption of environmental measures is expensive and results in little commercial benefit. A further obstacle to improving hotels' green credentials is the perception that adapting staff attitudes and management operations to become more environmentally friendly is too complicated and produces only negligible results if any. However, the contrary is true. The moment a company starts its path to sustainability it can generate immediate results. Indeed, a deeper commitment to sustainability can be seen as an important investment in the long run; with benefits ranging from having a more efficient operation and reducing utility costs to being able to share values with customers." states Arturo Cuenllas-Founder Consious Hospitality.

"The Hotel Industry has a responsibility to reduce its carbon, energy and water footprint to ensure a sustainable future for tourism in mature and emerging markets.At Carlson Rezidor we ensure sustainability through Think Planet: minimizing the environmental footprint of hotels in operation and embedding sustainability in new hotels.The 'Leaders in Hospitality Summit' is key because it brings together precisely those leaders in hotel development to ensure the sustainability and profitability of the hotel industry and its destinations in the long run" said Inge Huijbrechts-Vice President Responsible Business, The Rezidor Hotel Group Real sustainable companies are also socially responsible and committed to social programs. They are involved in a continuous and sincere dialogue with their customers and employees.The Leaders in Hospitality Summit will discuss the models of implementing sustainability practices and making sustainability part of their business culture. It will explore how sustainability is affecting global tourism and showcase successful case studies on businesses turning green while highlighting the challenges and risks they had on their way and how they managed to turn it around.

"Scandic is a large hotel chain, with only two hotels in Poland. Sadly they have not been given much focus in the sustainability developmen at Scandic. Nevertheless they have been working hard with environmental activities and are just about to apply for the EU Ecolabel. That will make Scandic Wroclaw and Scandic Gdansk, Poland's first EU Ecolabeled hotels. This makes me very proud" stated Inger Mattsson-Director Sustainable Business, Scandic Hotels International Business Council, the organizer of Leaders in Hospitality CEE & CIS Summit strives to support the continues efforts to the ongoing progress the industry is attempting in its quest to find ways to develop and implenent effective sustaianbility intitiatives. The summit will provide its attendees with heads on approach on sustainability and introduce them to one the most cutting edge ideas, technologies and innocative strategies to use on the way to sustainable future.